Exceptional Grace

Red Lion Zion strives to provide exceptional grace to all individuals who would like to worship Jesus Christ and grow in their relationship with Him.

We have ADA Accessibility and facilities as well as a system for those who would like hearing assistance.

Our 11:15 a.m. worship incorporates a variety of pictures and videos into our message and praise, helping our service to be more visual and engaging. 

Most importantly, our members welcome everyone with open arms and hearts, and no judgement. If you are concerned about interruptions to our church service, please feel comfortable coming here and know IT’S OKAY! You will not receive raised brows or head shakes, only smiles and invitations to come again.

Pastor Dave Kominsky currently leads an Exceptional Grace evening of worship  in conjunction with Typical Life Corp.  This is held on Thursday evenings at City View church. For more information, contact Pastor Dave at 717-858-5870.